Jumping FERRARI CARS Across ENTIRE GTA 5 RP! (Record)
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  • w.foxy.w Martínez
    w.foxy.w Martínez

    How about motorcycles?

  • Niall Amedee
    Niall Amedee

    The thing that you call the Lamborghini it is actually a Ferrari Lamborghini it's super is a Ferrari combined with a Lamborghini but it's mostly a Ferrari

  • Elizabeth Bucktin
    Elizabeth Bucktin

    First one was shit

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    ripiya grace

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    death creep torium

    The Ferrari leferrari is actually called a Huyara

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    robby stoliker

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    Dark Killer

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    Dark Killer

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    T Hampsink

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  • TheCoolGuys Griff
    TheCoolGuys Griff

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  • COBALT x 009
    COBALT x 009

    Please chop my ears off. I think they are bleeding... BRUH. You go Oghhhhh MGGGHYYYY GHOOOOHD. LIKE DUDDE STOP YOUR VOICE GOING BROKEN

  • Maboko Mahlaole
    Maboko Mahlaole

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  • M. Naz im
    M. Naz im

    Use Tesla Cybertruck

  • BrugggyBruh

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    Trent Edwards

    you know you sound like bling bling boi from jonny test like when you skream

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  • Djomla's Stuff
    Djomla's Stuff

    This is not rp😑

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    John Thompson

    Jumping the end of the map



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  • Mine rob 333
    Mine rob 333


  • D'Micah Bent
    D'Micah Bent

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  • Tunku Irfan
    Tunku Irfan

    Only Rocket League player can handle Boost when Flying ;)

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    Break time

    Kwebbelkop:leave this video 2 likes Us:no Kwebbelkop:that is not fair

  • Caleb Horton
    Caleb Horton

    If the kwebbelkop Ferrari was in here it would jump it in 5 seconds

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    Khane Graham

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  • Daniel Nega
    Daniel Nega

    Hey kwablecup ur voice is disturbing

  • Peter Samuel V Marcos
    Peter Samuel V Marcos

    1:07 that's literally not a Ferrari(sorry if I'm wrong I'd don't know all cars)I think that's a mazda

  • Jackob Nassar
    Jackob Nassar

    Bro pleas dont talk like that

  • Grady Coffman
    Grady Coffman

    At 1:26 he says let’s goo like da baby

  • Grady Coffman
    Grady Coffman

    They’re called Ferrari’s not Ferrari cars

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    Hussain Playz

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    Santia Yogathas

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  • Joven Asi
    Joven Asi

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  • Alen john
    Alen john

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    Josh Thompson

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    Lucesita Lombillo

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    Widdalys Burgos

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    Anthony Scholz

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    virlan marius

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    Ramona Rogers

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    Peter Zhang

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    Avto Kaplanishvili

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    Basketball kid#24 Boi

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    • Terry Forbes
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